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Hi everyone

Lí Ban Ireland is a small Irish company based in the heart of Kildare near the Curragh racecourse. We create, formulate and produce an array of luxurious bath and body products with a modern twist. These products include artisan handmade soaps, lip balms, body scrubs and butters and a host of other skin care treats.

Hi, I am Rose. I am responsible for all aspects of Lí Ban Ireland, from initial product concept, to formulation and production, labelling and packaging. I first became interested in product formulation many years ago. I trained as a Holistic Therapist including Aromatherapy. Sensitive skin problems seem to be a genetic predisposition in my family. I have four children with varying degree's of skin sensitivities and intolerances. Even as babies they couldn't use any of the products reputed to be suitable. There my quest began. Learning to read ingredients lists, understanding ingredients and how they work together, understanding natural versus chemical. This was my biggest learning curve. Learning not to take buzz words at face value, but look at and understand each ingredient. To educate myself on why individual ingredients should be used and when. To formulate products that combine the best of nature and science.I am continuously inspired by people I meet and what they want or like (or both), by nature and it's colours, by the gorgeous ingredients sourced by wonderful trusted suppliers.

I absolutely love great quality essential oils, organic butters, organic or wildcrafted herbs and could (sometimes do) quite happily have hours or days slip by trying to capture a specific blend or formulation.
Well I think that's enough about me and why I do what I do.

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