Monday, 27 February 2012

Silky Smooth Luxury Lip Balms - 20% OFF

Check out the fantastic special offer on our Silky Smooth Luxury Lip Balms. A whopping 20% for one week (ending 05/03/12) or while stocks last.

Depending on what you like in a lip balm, they can be quite easy to make. A % of wax, oils, hard and soft butters. But I have to say it became one of the most frustrating products I've made. It became an obsession way beyond obsessive.

My ideal lippy balm must have great glide, good creamy texture, offer the best emollient properties and protection but yet, be lightweight and definetly not sticky. Sticky is not good. Many a nights sleep was lost over achieving 'my perfect balm'. After lots of tweaking, changing a % here, a % there, much testing, probably driving my testers nuts, it all fell into place. And it was so worth it. After all, we wear it on our lips, it has to be 'just right'. It has to do it's job and be comfortable to wear.

Our Silky Smooth Luxury Lip Balms are formulated with a delightful combination of oils, butters and waxes for the ultimate experience. They have a gorgeous creamy texture, silky smooth glide and are light weight on the delicate are of the lips. No clumping, no stickiness or tacky sensation, just sheer delight to wear. Contains lots of decadent creamy cocoa butter, smooth emollient properties of babassu oil, sweet almond oil and organic jojoba oil. Also included is Aloe Butter for a calming and soothing factor and vitamin E. Combined with bees wax and candelilla wax to offer great protection and super soft conditioning.

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