Thursday, 23 February 2012

Baby Castile - Organic Lavender

On the curing rack - ready March 15th.

Lí Ban Ireland Baby Castile is one of the most gentle soaps one can use. Made with virgin olive oil and teeny bit of castor for bubbles. Smooth creamy texture, gentle on the skin and the lovely pleasant scent of organic Lavender essential oil.
Castile soap doesn't produce an abundance of bubbles, but it does produce a lovely rich dense creamy lather. It is a popular choice for babies first soap, due to it's gentle nature. It is also an ideal handmade soap choice for those with sensitive skin. Our Baby Castile is suitable for babies of 3+ months.

Lí Ban Ireland provides this gorgeous handmade soap with the addition of pure organic Lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is a beautiful gentle oil with great calming properties. Our Baby Castile - Lavender only uses recommended safe amounts of essential oil according to EU regulations. This is to provide a beautifully scented gentle soap that is ideal for babies delicate skin.

Many people with sensitive skin and problematic skin conditions such as eczema also choose to use Handmade  Castile Soap. It's gentle cleansing action doesn't strip the skin,

Work in Progress - In the mould

 And finally, cut, bevelled and stamped.

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