Saturday, 25 February 2012

Irish Soap Swap

Enjoying 'Vintage Patchouli' from .

We've been talking about doing an Irish soap swap for what seems like ages now, but never got round to it until recently. It's a little funny really, it's not like our wee country is that big and there's so many of us to do swaps. This was a small swap, myself (Rose) from , Celine from and Hajni from .

Today I will be talking about Celine's 'Vintage Patchouli' from .
Celine is a very talented and artistic soaper. She has a very definite  and creative style, loves her colour and definetly loves a little sparkle. She is also the queen of fragrance oils, a total addict.

 Vintage Patchouli has a lovely creamy texture, producing a rich creamy lather that works into masses of bubbles. The bar of handmade soap itself was a very generous size and had a lovely smooth creamy texture.

The scent is very unisex, well suited to men and women. I'm a Patchouli addict, I just love the rich earthy aroma so this is right up my street. When we were planning this swap, we didn't specify any particular soap. The sender sends what they think the recipient would like. I have to say Celine got this so right.

I will most definetly continue to enjoy using this bar over the next few weeks.

Celine's description of Vintage Patchouli: (courtesy of )
This lovely fragrance is a sensual blend of Patchouli Essential Oil, Bergamot & White Flowers on an intense base of woody incense; it's clean yet deep & dark, perfumed and mysterious - a fragrance that makes you think of long held secrets.
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  1. Ohhh thank you for the review, that was fabulous! So glad you love this soap and, when I make it again, I'm definitely adding more Patchouli. I agree, you can never have too much Patch! LOL... we're huge fans of your soaps too, your Amber one is DIVINE and the scent is to die for and the Chai Latte is next up in the shower and we're all three of us looking forward to it!!! xxx

  2. Thank you, Celine. You are very welcome. And yep, always more Patch. LOL I haven't tried the other samples yet, but will when I'm finished this one. Enjoy Chai.